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Pula, Croatia, 25th of November 2021

Lider Media’s annual conference titled “48 Hours”, a meeting of mayors and entrepreneurs, started yesterday in Pula, Croatia, at the Park Plaza Histria Hotel.

At this meet was Blockademia, Croatia’s Cardano-based startup.

Blockademia representatives presented to visiting business owners and mayors its decentralized system for issuing and verifying the authenticity…

The new Croatian crypto startup Blockademia recently revealed their decentralized information system for issuing and checking the authenticity of issued documents such as diplomas, certificates, and others. Blockademia works on the Cardano blockchain, which ensures the permanence and immutability of the issued entry containing document metadata and subsequent authenticity checks.

Blockademia is on a mission to address the problem of fake documents. The project creates a reliable decentralized protocol for issuing various qualified documents such as certificates, diplomas, agreements, property ownership certificates, insurance policies, source code, video and music files, and other documents on the Cardano blockchain. …

1. Pitch Deck:

2. Introduction Video:

3. MVP — Working Demo Video

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Blockademia - ACI

Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain - Shaping the world with the truth!

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