ACI Token Sale Results


First of all, after successfully completing rounds, we would like to thank all of our Blockademians that have supported us throughout this journey and to our team for making it all possible 👏

We are very happy for all of the support that has been shown for our project and we can say that this is only the start of a great project that will become the best PoF (Proof-of-Truth) token.

In addition, thanks to the support and excitement of each and every Blockademian, we were able to achieve something incredible. An incredible milestone for which we are very grateful.

Also, we want to take this opportunity to disclose the results of the token sale and what the next steps for Blockademia will be. Are you ready?

We can confirm that the total number of tokens sold during the sale was 17.393.941 ACI, approx. 20% of total ACI for community distribution.🎉
A big thank you to everyone for having faith in our project and making this all possible!

It is an ambitious path with great objectives that will revolutionize the industry that we know now. Each step is important and we must ensure that they are carried out perfectly and because of this, we have decided to update the dates of our upcoming projects within our Ecosystem and our other plans in order to ensure that we launch each product with the utmost care possible.
We must do it in order to be able to comply with everything that has been established so far and be part of a revolutionary project that will make us the benchmark in the industry and on a global scale 🌍

From the Blockademia team, we would like to thank everyone once more for all the support we have received during the past few months. We are very grateful and proud of what we have created and we want to reinforce that this is only the beginning of this great project!

Thank you to all our Blockademians! 🙌

Be assured we will find the best way to distribute as many remaining ACI tokens to our community as planned (to be announced soon).

Let’s continue to Shape the world with truth!




Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain - Shaping the world with the truth!

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Blockademia - ACI

Blockademia - ACI

Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain - Shaping the world with the truth!

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