How Blockademia Helps Organizations Prevent Document Fraud

Does your organization have to deal with fake diplomas, certificates, and other counterfeit documents on a daily basis? Here’s how Blockademia can help you solve it.

Fake driving licenses, government IDs, or college diplomas — to some, it may sound like it isn’t that big of an issue anymore, especially in this day and age. But here’s a fact for you:

Document fraud is still one of the largest forms of fraud in the world. The counterfeit market for driving licenses, government IDs, and passports is so high, it costs the global economy over 3 billion GBP each year (!). What’s more, the latest research shows that a majority of organizations expect document fraud to go up as the world adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now imagine you are interviewing a candidate for a job position. You go through their CV and personal details, seeing they submitted their government-issued ID, a driver’s license, and a university degree.

Firstly, would you even bother to check their authenticity?
Secondly, how would you even do this for each one?

Introducing Blockademia

Blockademia is a startup tackling the issue of document verification, providing a decentralized information system for issuing and checking document authenticity. Our system can be used to check:

  • Issued diplomas or certificates
  • Contracts
  • Certificates of ownership
  • Insurance policies
  • State documents
  • Source code
  • Video & music files

…and a myriad of other documents.

Through our platform, we enable Publishers to issue documents such as diplomas, certificates, attestations, etc. in an innovative, fast and easy way. We also enable end-users to check them using the Blockademia web or mobile application.

The entire Blockademia system was built to ensure permanent, unchangeable, and secure storage of proof of authenticity of any issued document, enabling organizations and individuals to verify their authenticity in a fast and simple way.

Here is a 30-second video explaining how it all works:

Who is Blockademia for?

Our platform is primarily to be used for verifying the authenticity of documents issued by:

  • educational institutions, such as faculties, community colleges, high schools, elementary schools, adult education institutions
  • any other document issuers such as insurance or pharmaceutical companies, city, county, and state offices that need protection from forgery, etc.

Some examples of the partnerships we have established so far:

Mercuri International Croatia

Mercuri International is a highly skilled and diversified consulting organization with a global presence. They have decided to use Blockademia for various sales training programs to ensure a higher quality of service. By issuing documents with Blockademia, they will achieve the proper legitimization of future certificate holders with ease.

Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rijeka, Croatia

Not only is this faculty a partner for using the Blockademia system, they are also a technical collaborator. The student tech teams will test the security of the Blockademia app in the next 12 months, essentially trying to “hack it”. We’re doing this to tackle any potential security issues, with the goal of ensuring complete stability and fool-proof protection.

Reaching a new level of authenticity

To sum up, solving the challenges of document verification and authentication is becoming increasingly complex for corporations and institutions worldwide. Also, fraudsters are getting better at counterfeiting mechanisms. Traditional authentication systems find it almost impossible to track and detect cases of digital identity fraud, hence the need for better solutions.

This is why Blockademia was founded — to solve the modern-day challenges organizations face and make document verification fast and simple for everyone.


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Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain - Shaping the world with the truth!

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Blockademia - ACI

Blockademia - ACI

Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain - Shaping the world with the truth!

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